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About me

I am Neil Phillips, full-time professional photographer with over 20 years experience.

During this time I’ve had the privilege to supply images to many high profile major regional and national newspapers including the Western Daily Press, The Sun, Bristol Evening Post and The Sunday Times. I have also had the pleasure of working on assignments for news agencies and had my photographs published in many UK wide magazines including BBC Country File and West Weddings UK.

From photographing Hollywood filmstars like Michael Caine, mud-splattered rockstars at Glastonbury to climbing the Clifton Suspension Bridge on assignment - I love every minute of my job.

As a photographer who who has worked in many sectors, I know exactly the qualities a photograph needs to make it a memorable ‘knock-out’ shot and how to go about capturing one! Since launching my own photography business, I’ve taken these skills and experience and combined them with my love of working with people to create truly unique and exciting images.

The photographs on this site speak for themselves and capture my professional style and approach – original, creative, vibrant and unforgettable. If you’re looking for an experienced professional with the energy, enthusiasm and passion for photography to create stunning shots whatever the occasion then please contact me directly. I am available to photograph weddings, portraits, press & PR shots anywhere in the UK.

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